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Founded in 1776, we know how to educate and empower young men. At Hampden-Sydney, you will find a real brotherhood: friends and mentors who will walk with you on your journey toward not only a successful career, but also a meaningful life. Hampden-Sydney is consistently ranked one of the best values in higher education. Here’s why…Among the best colleges with exceptional return on investment for your tuition, H-SC has a 10% higher graduation rate than the national average for men. Hampden-Sydney ensures that every student will graduate with a superb liberal arts education tailored for young men, an understanding of his role as a member of a community, a sense of purpose, the #2 alumni network in the country, and the likelihood that he will earn more as he begins his career than graduates from other schools. We feel that Hampden-Sydney College offers the most transformative educational experience for young men in the United States today.

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Address: Hampden-Sydney College, P.O. Box 667, Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 23943


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